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Zarządzanie komunikacją z klientami — usługi outsourcingowe

Ricoh’s Customer Communication Management service gradually migrates retail bank customers from paper-based to electronic communications through personalised marketing campaigns. The service facilitates better customer care, retention and acquisition, while reducing costs.

As a first step, our outsourcing service assumes responsibility for all your paper-based outputs. We provide technology solutions to enable targeted and personalised marketing campaigns that work to migrate your customers from inefficient paper-based communications to secure electronic channels.

The phased migration approach allows customers to receive information in their preferred format. This provides an enhanced customer experience, boosts your efficiency and delivers cost savings as more of your customer base moves to digital communication channels.

Funkcje i zalety

Customers who opt for digital communications will have access to their financial information 24/7 through the Level 3 secure Ricoh cloud. With improved security, business risks are mitigated. And by implementing a personalised digital communication strategy, your business experiences cost and efficiency savings while your customers receive a higher level of service.

Ricoh’s Customer Communication Management clients experience:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced customer acquisition, on-boarding and service costs
  • Robust, error free data management
  • Improved performance against environmental policies through waste reduction
  • More accessible information and a compliant audit trail
  • Greater internal efficiency as staff is freed up to perform more business-critical tasks

Case studies

Boosting customer satisfaction achieves significant cost savings

Documents are the lifeblood of the insurance industry. From promotional letters to application forms, policy documents, invoices and claim forms, each and every document has a legal implication. Ricoh’s customer, a Fortune Global 500 insurance company, was keen to outsource some of these document intensive business processes.

A detailed consultancy engagement established the need for a two-phased approach. In the first phase, Ricoh provided a ‘lift and shift’ solution, ending the insurer’s reliance on in-house services by moving production to Ricoh’s own document centre. In the second phase, Ricoh developed the document processes, improving their efficiency and adding additional services.

Ricoh processes more than 60 million documents every year for the insurance company, and the solution has transformed the insurer’s document processes, improving customer service levels and reducing costs. Automation improved the speed of production and the introduction of closed loop processes, which eliminated errors and provided a compliant page-level audit.

End-to-end service integration is delivering real business advantage. Business risks have been mitigated and customers are receiving a better service. Ricoh’s support has improved business agility. With Ricoh ably managing mission critical document processes, the insurer is able focus internal resource on strategic development.

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    Leading Insurance Company

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