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TotalFlow Prep

Just bring it
With a simple to understand interface, TotalFlow Prep can help jobs make the transition from order acceptance to job preparation swift and seamless. The faster you can take orders, the faster you can fill them, helping your productivity – and your revenue stream.

Get it right the first time
A streamlined process that reduces error is key to your prepress success. TotalFlow Prep allows you to quickly perform essential tasks including job creation, page order set up and the assignment of job properties and chapters, and easily identifies proper tabs, media and finishing, all with minimal operator training so you can stress less and produce more. Additionally, changes are reflected in a job’s visual preview, updated in real-time, to help ensure the job you send is exactly the job your customer wants to see.

Simplify multiple file formats
If manual document prep work is slowing your business down, TotalFlow Prep is for you. No matter what the format is of files your customers hand you, this software makes it easy to combine them into one print-ready PDF, including tabs, media and finishing that matches equipment capabilities.

Make last-minute client edits on the spot
We’ve all been there; a job is set to print when the client calls in with just one more change. Now you can be prepared for the most finicky of client edits – and still make deadline – with TotalFlow Prep’s late-stage editing abilities. Add logos, text, and make other edits without compromising your schedule – or theirs.

Funkcje i zalety

Quality and quickness
Save time and prep your print-ready files even faster with support for TWAIN scanning. Use any common scanner to import and improve content that can be added to PDF files.

Easy replication of tasks
Get your files print-ready faster with presets that allow specific actions, such as media assignment and imposition, to be repeated in jobs or workflows.

Imposition capabilities
Maximise the use of paper and minimise waste with imposition options that support the most common layouts for N-up and booklet making. Crop marks are available for cutting assistance.

See the job before it prints
Changing details of a job before it goes to print doesn’t have to mean adding guesswork. In TotalFlow Prep, your adjustments are reflected in a visual model, helping you save time, money and resources that could have been wasted on imperfect prints.

Powiązane oprogramowanie i aplikacje

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    Ricoh TotalFlow DocEnhancer

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  • TotalFlow Production Manager

    TotalFlow Production Manager

    Umożliwia sprawne planowanie i kierowanie zadań wydruku na arkuszach ciętych, automatyzację zadań ręcznych, tworzenie procesów i rozwiązywanie problemów konserwacyjnych, zmniejszając liczbę interwencji ręcznych.

  • Fiery Central

    Fiery Central

    Wydajne rozwiązanie do procesów produkcyjnych wykorzystujących format PDF. Automatyzuje powtarzalne zadania, dostosowuje obiegi dokumentów i inteligentnie kieruje zadania do wydruku.