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Ricoh myPrint

Ricoh myPrint enables you to simply and cost-effectively offer flexible and secure mobile printing for workers and guests, enabling faster access to the documents they need for their work.

Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, Ricoh myPrint makes it easy for users to submit their documents for printing. A choice of four secure ways to send print tasks – through a web browser, a free app for Apple and Android devices, email or standard device driver software – makes it possible for workers to print from their preferred device.

Available as a server-based software platform that integrates with output management solutions such as Ricoh StreamLine NX and Equitrac, Ricoh myPrint provides a flexible, scalable platform that can grow to meet the needs of your organisation as they develop.

  • Offer more flexible, convenient access to printer resources
  • Allow direct printing from mobile, tablet Windows and non-Windows devices for workers and guests
  • Ensure the security of document data sent using Ricoh myPrint with powerful 256-bit encryption
  • Scalable to meet extra demand in the future, with no limit to the number of users that can use the Ricoh myPrint platform
  • Lower admin overhead by removing the need for device driver updates and reducing device compatibility requests from users
  • Control the costs of operating your print infrastructure with a print charging system based on individual user accounts
Funkcje i zalety

  • Connect a wide range of computer, smartphone or tablet devices to printer resources
  • Manage a growing user base more easily, without the need for driver updates to support new and existing user devices
  • Reliable technical support available from Ricoh’s experienced service team in the event of any queries
  • Can be integrated with Ricoh’s cost-effective managed print services to ensure reliable, high-performing and flexible document infrastructure
  • Individual user accounts enable usage to be accurately tracked and charged for, encouraging a more responsible approach to printing

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